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Rethinking Cities Poster

RETHINKING CITIES: New policy insights from the top urban thinkers

Picture of Ed Glaeser

Podcast Interview with Ed Glaeser: Introduction to Rethinking Cities

Picture of Jaana Remes

Podcast Interview with Jaana Remes: Urbanization and Economic Development

Picture of Greg Clark

Podcast Interview with Greg Clark: Urban Leadership and Governance

Picture of Paul Collier

Podcast Interview with Paul Collier: Urbanization in Africa & Housing

Picture of Ed Glaeser

Podcast Interview with Ed Glaeser: Demons of Density

Picture of Michale Keith

Podcast Interview with Michael Keith: Urban Migration

Picture of Esteban Rossi Hansberg

Podcast Interview with Esteban Rossi Hansberg: System of Cities

Rethinking Cities

volume of policy papers

We have partnered with the world’s best urban minds for a collection of state-of-the-art policy papers on “Rethinking Cities” that will provide practical policy advice to city leaders in the developing world. The questions at the center of the volume were identified through extensive consultations with over 700 city leaders and policymakers to uncover their most pressing challenges and opportunities.

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  • Podcast Interviews with the Authors
    View short, two minute videos to hear the perspective of many of the top urban thinkers, including from Ed Glaeser, Paul Collier, and Greg Clark as they discuss the importance of rethinking cities.
  • View the Outline for Rethinking Cities
    Learn about the Symposium and the opportunities for partnering with the World Bank and the City of Barcelona for this important event.
  • Rethinking Housing for the Urban Poor
    Rethinking Cities will be followed by a new collaborative research program on housing for the urban poor. Read a recent World Bank working paper on coordinating housing and transport policies.

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