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Join us in Barcelona for the 6th Urban Research Symposium

SUMMARY VIDEO: What did we learn?

Warren Evans

REFLECTIONS: Warren Evans, The World Bank

Ed Glaeser

REFLECTIONS: Ed Glaeser, Harvard University

Greg Clark

REFLECTIONS: Greg Clark, Symposium Moderator

Joan Clos


Zoubida Allaoua

REFLECTIONS: Zoubida Allaoua, The World Bank

Shomik Mehndiratta

REFLECTIONS: Shomik Mehndiratta, The World Bank

6th Urban Research & Knowledge Symposium: Rethinking Cities

framing the future

Rethinking Cities: Framing the Future was selected as the focal point for the 6th Urban Research and Knowledge Symposium (URKS6), held in Barcelona, Spain from October 8-10, 2012. The goal of the URKS6 was to inform policy choices that can help policymakers manage potential economic efficiency, environmental sustainability, and social equity tradeoffs associated with urbanization. The Symposium was organized by The World Bank, in partnership with the City of Barcelona, and some key partners.

6th URKS by the numbers... 1,300 registered participants ~ 350 presenters and panelists ~ 6 plenaries + 49 sessions across 5 themes ~ 50 “my city” exhibitions ~ 35 research and policy papers ~ 4 site visits + 1 City Hall reception ~ 4 languages ~ 1,400 tweets + 32 video podcasts

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History: The URKS6 is part of a broader analytic and evidence based research program conducted by the World Bank and its network of partners. Previous Urban Research Symposia have been designed to stimulate the production and dissemination of urban-city research with emphasis on practical applications that can help policy-making in developing countries. Launched in 2002, these Symposia have provided a setting for researchers from developed and developing countries to share their work, conclusions, and preoccupations and discuss themes that are relevant for both academic scholars and policy-makers. The URKS6 format has been set up in a manner that will facilitate moderated discussions among policymakers, researchers, and the private sector.

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